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  Our project


Our Project

We will represent Etimesgut District in European Union with our Comenius Project prepared by Cahit Zarifoglu Primary School.We will serve as Coordinator School in this project.Our partners are Spain, Romania,Poland, Italy
Period of time : 2 years; our project has started in August, 2012 and will end in June, 2014.  

Purpose of our Project


This Project aims at drawing the attention of the students spending much of their time in the digital environment to nature and science; emphasizing the natural events by developing activities together with students and teachers;having the students enjoy the values such as nature, animals and cooperation; ensuring the development of the sense of equality amongs the people living in Europe; sharing climate differences, biyological diversity and natural events with different cultures; ensuring the better understanding of the cultures and living conditions of participating countries by means of this Project.





School Activities


1-     The activities on drama and songs related with nature and science  will be realised with the students.


2-    Postcards will be sent to the partner countries for the new year.


3-    A simple Project book relating to the importance of nature and science will prepared by the students.


4-    The  Parents will join to the nature activities (A trip to nature)


5-    The places of the partner countries in the map of Europe, their climate specifications and specific scientists will be learnt.


6-    A book on “the nature and observations” will be prepared by the students.


7-    A mini-garden will be arranged at the school.



8-    A ‘Projects’ calender composed of the sceneries of the Project will be prepared. 




At the end of the Project


        A DVD comprising all of the  topics on  the common love of nature, scientists, biological diversity, brochure, puzzle, calender of projects with photos, drama and theatre activities that include values of scientific thinking and the student songs  will be prepared




Our students and teachers shall have a chance of meeting with and learning other cultures by means of these cultural visits and activities through this program.





Other students and teachers shall also be informed about the results of this Project by sharing its evaluation studies as to be prepared after every visit in our school’s web site and in our news bulletin boards


The photographes taken during the activities in these visits shall be published on our web site…

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