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La Rambla Primary School
is a public school in Spain; it is in the Valencian Comunity area, more concretely.
Agost is the name of the town where the school is situated. In Agost, we can find different archeologic deposits and discoveries. Nowadays we can count with 238 pupils (with ages between 3 and 12) and 18 teachers. People local status is middle but it is falling due to the economic and labor context; however, we can find a diversity reffering to the rythm of knowledge, due to this we can count with two teachers for special needs.

The school is sorrounded by nature. On one hand we have a ravine next to the school (“Rambla” in Spanish) which gives the name to our institution. On the other hand, we live in an area where there are lots of Natural Parks: Maigmó, Font Roja, Mariola, Serelles, La Serreta...
Our vision

^^Education is a public service which is available to our closest enviroment and to the whole society in general.
^^A trully teaching quality that avoid our students development.
^^No discrimination because of sex, age, religion, believes...
^^Democratic participation in the whole educative community.
^^ Defence of constitutional and human rights.
^^ Development of an active education to achieve the objectives with the students participation and their previous experience.
^^Promote constructivism, creativity, initiative and
participation in the educative community members.
^^ A fluently communication between the school and the families.
^^Respect and defence of the natural enviroment.
^^An educative development in and for the peace.
^^ A good level of knowlege adquisition of our students.

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