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Cahit Zarifoğlu Primary school is a government school in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. In our school we have 850 pupils and 42 teachers. Our students are from 6 to 14. Since it is an urban school, our students can join the activities out of school easily. We have a few physically handicapped students. They can survive their school lives by the help of their families, friends and teachers. In addition, most of our students have working parents. Therefore They can not allocate a lot of time for their children. Our students can join the activities out of school easily. The school involves lots of educational and social activities in order to motivate the students to study hard and increase their skills. The school very well organized, having 16 classrooms, 3 laboratories, it is fully equipped with new and modern furniture, technology, computers, internet connection, library, teaching materials, so, our pupils have very good conditions to learn. Our teachers are very well prepared, professional, interested in pupils' development and also in their continuous formation, many of them have participated into European training courses within the LLP program.

Our vision 
       We are here for bringing up our children as in harmony with the speedly developing changing age, capable of protecting their moral values, scrupuluous, well educated, capable of self-reliance and creative youngsters in an atmosphere of  modern education with our dedicated and experienced teachers.

Our Mission

We are the future…

In the light of Ataturk, forever go forward

We go beyond the horrizones in virtue and with knowledge

We are aware of where we are; where our target is,

Wisdom and science are our source of courage



         Our hearts are filled ud with enthusiasm while holding up this flag,

We are ready for future, we are Cahit Zarifoğlu


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