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Ignacy Łukasiewicz Gimnazjum No 2 with Integrated Classes in Jasło was founded by Jasło City Council in 1999.  However, since 2006, together with  The Integrated Primary School No 12, it has been the part of  The Complex of  Urban Schools No 3. The school is located in the largest and the most modern building of all schools in Jaslo. Inside there are numerous classrooms and laboratories with a variety of modern facilities. The building is surrounded by sports fields and playgrounds which are used during PE lessons and festivities.

The school  is fully adjusted to the needs of disabled students. There is a special drive, a toilet and
a cloakroom for teenagers in wheelchairs. The disabled teenagers are looked after by assistant teachers and their work is based on special schemes, prepared individually in accordance with their deficiency. Nowadays, there are 13  integrated classes and 9 typical ones. The school offers lots of extra-curriculum activities and the pupils can also belong to numerous clubs or organizations.
 There are also some after-lessons classes connected with obligatory school subjects which aim at increasing students’ knowledge of the subject. During these after-school activities they can extend their knowledge, improve skills and develop abilities. Thanks to them they become active citizens and take part in various competitions, school and local cultural or sports events, charitable actions.

Students, aged 7 to 12, attend primary school for 6 years, then for the next 3 years they go to junior high school. Nowadays about 600 pupils  belong to our school. Some of them live in the city of Jaslo while the others come from the suburbs and nearby villages. The school provides free transport for commuters. Our schoolchildren come from various families and backgrounds. The basic differences regard parents’ education, jobs, employment and financial situation. Some of our students come from families with financial difficulties or are reared in numerous families.  There are also students from families with alcohol dependency. Therefore our school provides the students with different kinds of aid and benefits, both financial and non-cash. Students take part in summer and winter school camps. Besides, poor pupils can borrow textbooks from the school library. Some of our pupils are brought up in two children’s homes: a state home and a Catholic one run by nuns. Almost all the students are Roman Catholic.



The school offers specialist help so there are offices for: a psychologist, an educator, a re-educator, 
a therapist, a rehabilitation teacher, a dentist, a school nurse.

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